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Ready, willing and web-savvy. The internet and I? We're tight.

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I am constantly looking to expand my knowledge and experience, and look forward to working with many creative and hard-working individuals.




I possess ‘skillz’ to pay ‘billz’.

HTML + CSSAdvanced
Event Coordination/LogisticsAdvanced
Event ManagementIntermediate
Content CreationAdvanced
Web DesignIntermediate
Long/Short Form WritingExpert


Coalition of AWESOME
Side-project with friends where we do video game related nonsense.
Personal website that catalogues the majority of my narcissistic tendencies.


12 Nov

(Originally posted on It all started back at PAX East, 2013. Well, technically I started playing a couple of weeks before that, but it was that convention that really ‘hooked’ me on the game known as League of Legends[...]

4 Jun

(Originally posted on The commoditization of memory isn’t exactly new and untried ground in science fiction. Total Recall is perhaps the best known example of this trope, but Remember Me attempts to tread new ground for the genre, with some success. Ultimately, it is[...]

30 May

I bet you thought this was just the standard WordPress default post! You were wrong! I keep this post here as a means of tracking my progress in the creation and maintenance of this portfolio website. The latest iteration (if[...]

28 May

(Originally posted on As in, the amount of people who will be buying it. BURN ON YOU, MICROSOFT. If you haven’t already heard from the myriad of news sites covering the Xbox 1 launch, it is a decidedly lacklustre[...]

2 Apr

(Originally posted on This is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute and just sit right here and tell you how I fell in love with a[...]


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